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Can I turn my Swimming Pool into an Ice-rink?

Living in Canada and having a backyard pool there must have been times when you looked and thought “I wonder if I could turn my pool into an ice-rink for the winter?” and what a perfect ice-rink it would make as most people with pools have an entertainment area with outdoor BBQ and bar areas, some even have awesome fire-pits, so it would be amazing for winter fun and entertainment.


There are varied and mixed opinions on this, but the consensus is that you can, but it depends on a lot on the location of the pool in your garden, the type of pool, what it is made up of, its liner and if you have the spare cash for the initial outlay then you may just have your very own ice-rink!

There are all sorts of ways to do this by building up a stage type platform of wooden specially cut beams and then placing a structure to house the actual section of ice over your covered pool or using your actual pool with special covers and you can even now get plastic ice or “Glice” that really resembles the real thing only there is less freezing to do with less chance of the ice cracking or melting.

There are companies that offer portable refrigerated rinks that do not cost an arm or leg, are maintained and setup by the company too and can be rented for various business functions, set up and delivered.

So yes, with some research, having a pool expert and someone with experience in converting your pool into a rink – it is possible.  Mostly an initial cost outlay but if you can afford it, it may be well worth it to get the most out of a structure you otherwise only use for about three months out of the year.