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Extravagant Houseboats and who lives on them

With the threat of global warming and ice caps melting as the oceans warm up, it would only stand to reason that the real estate market for houseboats is on the rise.

Although they are still pretty much a thing, the day of the traditional houseboat that much resembled a sort of flat yacht has taken a turn to look more like a space-age floating house than a boat.


Here is a list of a few of these rather extravagant houseboats:

  • Built by a group now known as Friday and comprises of engineers, designers and naval architects this houseboat called “the Floatwing” with its designers located in Coimbra Portugal.
    The group build personal sub-marines and made-to-order prefabricated houseboats varying in length as to the specific order placed for them. They are standard to deluxe models of Floatwing packages which include solar power-motors the more standard of which will last up to a week.
  • Built by Robert Harvey Oshatz, the Fennell Residence in Portland, Oregon is truly an amazing spectacle of a houseboat to behold.
    Situated on the Willamette River the house posed a construction challenge in that it has to be designed to create a spiritual ebb and flow in perfect harmony with the elements around it.
    The with its beautifully designed windows to capture the view around it on the river are outlined by curved, glued laminated beams in a really unique looking floating structure.
  • Prague’s Port X houseboats are fronted for a view of the River Vltava by glass face, whilst the roof and walls resemble a flat c-shape. And although it cannot run on its own it can be towed down the river!
  • Leave it to the UAE to design one of the most extravagant houseboats of all, called “The Floating Seahorse”. This luxury and fully customizable to the buyer’s individual style has beautiful finishes and lavish designs ensuring no two are exactly alike