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Some of the craziest houses ever built in Canada and the USA

Some houses are just built to stand out amongst the crowd with their bold breath-taking designs and or old-world charm.

Then there are those that you look at with the head-tilt look when you cannot quite decide what is up with the design!  Or they occupants have given their property some unique, weird but truly worth a mention and if you are near them – a look!


Here are a few weird and wonderfully crazy houses in Canada that are worth a look:

  1. There is a house on Bertmount avenues in Leslieville that the other residents of the street know well. It is called “The Doll House” and with good reason.
    The house is pretty normal, but the garden gets a creep factor that puts it into the more macabre section of crazy homes.
    The front yard has a constantly changing and growing display of toys which all face the street giving the passerby that cold feeling of being watched.
  2. A tiny house said to have been squeezed onto a piece of ground meant for a lane access road is the smallest and cutest little house on Day Avenue in Toronto. It so small it only covers 29 square meters and consists of a kitchen, bedroom, lounge.
  3. This weird looking house on Sumach Street in Toronto is based on the “Cubic Houses” in Rotterdam by the Dutch architect Piet Blom,
    This house, currently for sale and under threat of being removed.
    As it is a “landmark” it is also a private listing, so you will not be the properties details on any of the property websites.
  4. A house in Ransom Canyon, Texas was designed by Robert Bruno and built with one hundred and ten tons of steel.
    The house was started in 1973 and grew over the years into the iron structure it is today.


  1. Indianapolis has a twisted house made out of cedar wood and looks like a tall thin house that has been twisted and bent over to the side with the roof stuck in the ground.